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Digital Forensic

Turn Back CrimeMy primary research areas are cybersecurity, digital forensics,  operating systems internals, malware analysis network security, and reverse engineering. This necessarily means that most of my research is applied and is concerned with how systems work at both a low level and with a high degree of detail.

In digital forensics, I was one of the first academic researchers and this arose naturally out of my interest in operating systems internals and reverse engineering, which spans my entire computing career. My early interest in digital forensics also resulted in Digital Forensic Major is one of the first universities in the country to offer academic courses in this area. 

I am very involved in both the academic and professional research communities in computer security. Technical Conference, and a highly regarded talk on the impact of modern hardware architectures on the design of digital forensics tools to the Indonesia Academy of Forensic Sciences.

In the more distant past, I’ve worked in many areas of experimental computer science, including distributed computing, reliable high-performance computing, computer graphics, mobile computing, sensor networks, service discovery protocols, reliable multicast, and network visualization.

Information Technology

I am active in the local level, where I have organized many events and been in the local board, and in the Indonesian level as well, where I am a member (and currently Speaker) of the Information Technology Committee and IT Responsible of the Youth Unemployment Project.

Last question, any advice to both your locals and new members everywhere?

Take the chance to do something different! For me, DFA proved to be a life-changing experience. Live new experiences, travel, get in contact with new cultures, learn, make friendships, take part in activities. Whatever you like to do, you can always find young people from all over Indonesia to discuss it with, share ideas with and to realize your plans with their help!

Stray From The Path

~ E.K ~

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Email Komentar Johan Putranto | Senin, 23 Januari 2017 | 00:34:20 WIB

Untuk tools bisa didownload dimana yah broo...?

Email Komentar Bimantara | Jum`at, 20 Januari 2017 | 20:29:40 WIB

Untuk pelatihan yang di Bandung apakah bisa bisa di kirimkan slide presentasinya Pa Iwan...? Coz kami memerlukan untuk bahan referensi dari Bapak...Thx.

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