"Many operational aspects of the organizations were being computerized in the early 1960s. To perform the applications such as order processing, billing, inventory control, payroll, and accounts payable Information systems was developed. Management Information Systems (MIS) main goal was to make information available in transaction processing systems so that management can take decisions and the information becomes useful for decision-making. Unfortunately, few MIS were successful but some was failure and the the major factor in their failure was the IT professionals of the time misunderstood the nature of managerial work. In process improvement people are an important factor, as its a people operated process that have the best ideas for its improvement. As long as an operator is asked in the right way knows how to improve who watches a process all day long. The trend to motivate operators to do their work in a better way has been for a long time in process improvement. Its wastage of time as output does not improve permanently through motivation.Integration of human knowledge into advisory systems acts as a solution for long-term process improvement."