"The best encoding software for you depends on your needs. We’ve organized a selection of encoders below."
Download now to claim your free XSplit account and start live streaming to YouTube with XSplit Gamecaster all at the click of a button! It's simple, easy to use and ideal for sharing your gameplay with friends, family, or the world!
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Wirecast is the only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously.
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A simple yet powerful live streaming and recording software that powers countless live streams and recordings around the world and is the perfect choice for producing rich video content with the video games you love.
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OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, enabling plugin development to provide further customization and functionality specific to your needs. Work with developers in the streaming community to get the features you need. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.
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