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Penulis : Endang Kurniawan | Rabu, 3 Juni 2015 - 20:29:40 WIB

Consumers around the world are more and more turning to their computers to buy a wide array of goods and services. And because the World Wide Web is, as its name implies, worldwide, businesses that sell online can potentially reach billions of customers in every country of the world.

Datalindo is a leader in custom ecommerce software. Over 1000 organizations and individuals across the world use our ecommerce software to conduct business online. Our ecommerce software has been proven to be powerful, intuitive, secure and user friendly.

Bespoke ecommerce solutions give you the ability to access a huge online market and offer customers endless possibilities to improve their experience on your website. By opening up your market to online shoppers your business can increase sales dramatically and quickly. Datalindo offer the ability to push your business further, to reach more new markets and audiences by providing global internet advertising solutions.

To obtain traffic from countries around the globe your website needs to be advertised to the appropriate locations. Internet marketing techniques are carried out specific to locations, for example if you are using search engine optimisation to market your site then you will need to optimise against different search engines depending on each country. You may find that optimising to Google.com will bring in traffic from different area\'s but these users will reach barriers once they reach your website. In order to full optimise and target customers worldwide your ecommerce solution requires multilingual and multicurrency functionality.

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